Friday, July 10, 2009


Jeremy Stern is a Leading activist for ORA (organization for the resolution of Agunot) This Organization operates under the pretense that they help women achieve a Get. On the surface it might appear to be true, however the methodology that Jeremy Stern utilizes is one of harrassment, intimidation, and defamation.See Often times these methods produce negative returns as they harden the men even more and cause a delay of the Get being delivered; thereby Ora is to blame why these women have not received their GET. Additionally, Jeremy and his partners dont investigate properly the facts of the case, but immediately assume that the MEN are always guilty. Recently a case in Los Angeles has angered local residents after Jeremy Stern had organized rallies in front of this man's parents' home who have nothing to do with the case. See these links: or and
that shed light on details of this case, and that this man had already deposited a GET at an ultra orthodox Bais Din, yet Jeremy Stern from Ora has scoffed the facts of this case and continues to defame him by creating a website called www. despite the fact that the false seiruv had been removed by the RCC!!! I encourage you to read the details carefully with all the supporting documents listed and see what kind of corruption exists today with rabbis and their emissaries such as Jeremy Stern. These actions of Jeremy violate many jewish laws and are a disgrace to the Jewish Community. These violations consist of Loshon Hora, Rechilus Motzi shem ra, motzi laaz al get, malbim pnei chaveiro berabim(laws pertaining to slander, defamation, wrongful accusation,spreading false rumors about the validity of a get, public humiliation of a person). It is known that one of our sages RABEINU TAM has declared a CHEIREM (public declaration of ostracization) on any individual who falsely invalidates a GET. The reason being that the Jewish people's sanctity rests upon our pristine and clean genealogy which helps preserve the holiness and accuracy of the Jewish pedigree. Therefore if a woman were to receive a GET and later remarry and afterwards a person should declare that her GET was invalid, that would render her new offspring "MAMZERIM (bastards) and these children CAN NEVER MARRY OTHER REGULAR JEWS. So our Rabbis foresaw that people might try to intimidate people and falsely declare that a GET was invalid to strongarm a person to acquiesce or face the consequences. According to Jewish laws anyone committings such acts is rendered a ROSHO (wicked per jewish law) and it is permitted to publicize their acts in the hope that this person will repent and abstain from such acts. SEE THE ABOVE LETTER SIGNED BY 50 RABBIS SUPPORTING PUBLICIZING JEREMY STERN, HERSCHEL SCHACHTER AND ANYONE ELSE WHO IS INVOLVED IN CORRUPTIVE BEHAVIORS RELATED TO A GET!!I wish Jeremy Stern no harm but hope that he will mend his ways. Anybody who can influence him to repent will be rewarded by heaven for preventing further humiliation , intimidation, harrassment and financial loss of innocent people.